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Each Rose is 18.5 inches long including the stem. The Rose Flower is the size nature intended it to be. These beautiful Leather Roses will be a reminder of your special day for decades to come!

We are a bit romantic here at Bineshii. We love the days when flowers came in a floral box and not just placed in a plastic sleeve or wrapped in paper. So when you order a dozen Leather Roses form us your gift arrives with a touch of class. They are wrapped with green waxed floral paper and placed in an old world white floral box. A handwritten card is held in place on the top of the box with a gold bow closer. A subtle scent of fresh flowers is added giving that romantic touch when the box is opened. The white floral box is shipped inside a separate shipping carton so there are no labels or tape to blemish your gift.

Orders of 1-6 roses are wrapped in green waxed floral paper.

The stems of our roses are firm but can be bent or cut to accommodate your arrangement needs. (eucalyptus greens are included with each order)

We can custom create any color needed.
We Also Custom Create Wedding Arrangements And Bridal Bouquet's