Bineshii leech lake wild rice nutritional facts.



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BINESHII award winning Wild Rice is famous throughout the world. Sold in exclusive retail stores such as the Quail & Olive in Ca. and endorsed in many books and magazines such as model Carol Alt’s book  “Easy Sexy Raw" Carol recommends BINESHII Wild Rice as the only wild rice on her personnel-shopping list. Source page 239 "Easy Sexy Raw"

This Years Gourmet (2023/2024 Harvest) Finished With A Beautiful Slight Reddish Hue Which Is Rarely Found. This Red Hue Indicates A Sweeter More Bold Nutty Flavor All It's Own. We Love This Wild Rice.

From the moment you open the wild rice satchel you will know you have the real deal as the exquisite natural nutty aroma fills the air.

Please don't confuse this with paddy grown "wild rice". They look and taste completely different! The much darker (often black) paddy rice is machine planted and machine harvested, resulting in a bland tasting rice that may take up to 3 times longer to cook and yields a lot less per pound. Many rice paddies are sprayed with herbicides. Our hand-harvested wild rice grows naturally on the lakes and riverbeds in Northern Minnesota on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. This mouth watering nutty taste cannot be compared to the mass produced paddy rice.

We do not mix our batches of wild rice! All of the rice you receive in your order will be from the same lake or riverbed. Assuring your wild rice will cook evenly and have the same quality taste.

Our wild rice is wood parched. By using this method versus propane (which dries the rice) our wild rice is left moister, resulting in fluffier, more flavorful, faster cooking rice.

If stored in a dry place, wild rice will keep for years!