Because of the high volume increase of online shopping especially for foods with a long shelf life such as Wild Rice we are revising purchasing limits per order as follows: Gourmet Wild Rice 10-Lbs. Chef's Reserve Wild Rice 5-Lbs, Ghost Wild Rice 5-Lbs. (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) We Apologize For This Inconvenience. WE HOPE EVERYONE IS SAFE AND WELL


Bineshii wild rice is 100% natural organic wild rice and is GMO free. All our wild rice is canoe gathered and hand-harvested from the federally protected lakes of Northern Minnesota. No chemicals or pesticides are used. It is cedar wood parched and only wild rice is processed in plant. Wild rice is naturally gluten free. Bineshii has be harvesting wild rice for over 50 years. (All Bineshii Wild Rice Is From The Current Seasons Harvest.) Wild rice will stay fresh for years when kept dry.