Handcrafted Leather Roses

Nothing says “I love you” like red roses. Red symbolizes love, beauty, courage, respect, and romance.

Red roses are the traditional way to say “I love you,” and are, therefore, the most popular flower sent on Valentine’s Day.

Roses became a popular choice because of their hardy nature, as well as their vibrant red color, the ultimate symbol of passion and love.

Other colors of roses stand for different themes as the pink rose symbolizes grace and appreciation, the yellow rose is for friendship, and a white rose represents innocence.

From a single Red rose to a dozen the tradition has been presenting real Red roses. Over that past few years the trending has been toward silk, paper, and handcrafted leather roses.

These handcrafted roses lend itself to many different forms of artistry and mediums all with their own beauty, style and craftsmanship not to mention they are a daily reminder of your special day throughout many years to come. Beautiful examples of these roses can be found throughout internet.

Out of all these mediums I am personally drawn to the handcrafted leather roses especially the D'Agostino leather roses. There are several quality brands, but I found the D'Agostino brand has captured the true natural shape of the rose with a true Red vibrant color.

Also, worth noting the D'Agostino brand leather roses stems are wrapped and have rose bud green leaves, where with other brands the stems are just a bare wire. Also, the stems are firm but yet can be bent or cut to fit your vase or arrangement.

Weather you go with the traditional Red roses or the trending handcrafted Red roses I wish you a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Luigi Bianchi


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  • Exactly as advertised. Absolutely beautiful.


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